PREMEIRE: 3RD “Enemiez” Video

PREMEIRE: 3RD “Enemiez” Video

LA buzzmaker 3RD is back with an all new video for his latest single, “Enemiez”.  The visual was shot and edited by UNIT90’s own Outkast Marcos. If you have any enemies, or frenemies you need to put them on to 3RD‘s latest fire record, just text or DM them the link to this with a middle finger emoji attached to it. This will make you want to stunt on everyone who has ever looked at you funny, owes you money, hated on the fact you been making progress at your job, life, or that you got a bad ting on your arm. Time goes on and things change, but usually your enemies never do, they’re the same ones that were sour at you when they started to let you handle the drive-thru window back in high school. Now they mad because you just got a show on DASH Radio, and you started making a little money because you throw the most poppin’ events in LA. This song is for them, because fuck them, since MySpace my haters made me famous.

If you fuck with song, there is a lot more heat 3RD has to spew on the world, this song was essentially a warning shot with many bullets still loaded in the clip. Be ready to hear more of 3RD more often, as he readies his new incredible project he previewed for us which will be released in the coming months.

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