I’M NOT USED TO THIS, BUT IT’S FIRE!! Arcangel x Bad Bunny

I’M NOT USED TO THIS, BUT IT’S FIRE!! Arcangel x Bad Bunny

So, I’m up late doing the usual, scouring the web for new lit artists I can be one of the first to discover, when I get a text, that I stubbornly ignore. I later get asked if I seen the video link that was sent I said no, then I check it out. It’s a video of two rappers named Arcangel and Bad Bunny, I never heard of before. Then, I listen to them rap, but it’s in Spanish, but like real life Spanish, not Spanglish. The two latin lyricist are singing and spitting hard ass bars using loco flows laced with autotune you can understand are dope even if you spoke Czechoslovakian. I proceed to look below at how many views this song has and it said 141 million! Like bruh, how did this shit that has more views than Kendrick’s new video (at the moment) get past me? It’s likely because they are from the island of Puerto Rico and haven’t yet crossed over, physically and metaphorically, but we can start to change that. I’m not used to dudes actually rapping in full on Spanish, sounding like Future and Young Thug’s engineer pressed the SAP button in the studio, but it’s fuego. Watch below.

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