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Thundercat – “Friend Zone”

Thundercat is back with a new single on Valentine’s Day appropriately titled “Friend Zone“, where many of you out there are stuck in on this day. Thundercat is straight out telling this girl that he doesn’t want to be stuck in that dreaded friend zone, because “that’s that bullshit.” And also, don’t text him after 2 AM unless you plan on giving him some, and that goes for all of us too. We’re tired of that shit. Listen to the new single below, pre-order Thundercat’s new album Drunk here (it comes out in 10 days), and we hope you’re finally able to step out of the friend zone on this Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Thundercat is the best, I have to say that ‘Them Changes’ is one of my favorite songs of the past couple years. What would you say are your favorites of his?

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