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Yung Ginx “Welcome 2 Tha D”

Downey has been pretty poppin’ lately. Club DB Lounge on Firestone had the likes of Problem and The Game come to the town, Lock & Key proved that we too, have bars comparable to Downtown LA. We’re the home of Porto’s, Bob’s Big Boy, and your girl is even a Downey/Columbus High graduate. While Downey rap isn’t a new thing or a bad thing, this is another level of pride. “Welcome 2 Tha D” introduces is to Yung Ginx, who proves his pride over a RJ-esque beat and reminds us that hometown glory is more important than ever. While many might mock, I have to applaud Ginx for being bold-reppin’ a city that many are ashamed from, right in front of the same building where Jon B swooned honeys back in the day.

Watch the video below and see if you catch any locals!


About Fatima D. Baqi

24, mark morrison's biggest fan, food truck enthusiast and grad school shawty. twitter/instagram @fatimainthecut

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