Yung Ginx “Welcome 2 Tha D”

Yung Ginx “Welcome 2 Tha D”

Downey has been pretty poppin’ lately. Club DB Lounge on Firestone had the likes of Problem and The Game come to the town, Lock & Key proved that we too, have bars comparable to Downtown LA. We’re the home of Porto’s, Bob’s Big Boy, and your girl is even a Downey/Columbus High graduate. While Downey rap isn’t a new thing or a bad thing, this is another level of pride. “Welcome 2 Tha D” introduces is to Yung Ginx, who proves his pride over a RJ-esque beat and reminds us that hometown glory is more important than ever. While many might mock, I have to applaud Ginx for being bold-reppin’ a city that many are ashamed from, right in front of the same building where Jon B swooned honeys back in the day.

Watch the video below and see if you catch any locals!


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