Childish Gambino – “Redbone”

Childish Gambino – “Redbone”

Childish Gambino is back again with yet another single from his upcoming album, Awaken, My Love! The song, titled “Redbone“, is a smooth, soulful track with a slap bass line that makes you want to do nothing but bob your head back and forth. His vocals have been changed to sound higher pitched than normal and that just adds to the overall feel of the instrumental. With this track and “Me And Your Mama” last week, we can see Gambino taking a different direction with his music. There has been no rapping in the songs and it seems like there won’t be any at all in the rest of the album, and some fans might shy away from the project because of that, but I think it’s an interesting move forward for Gambino. Listen to the track below and pre-order Awaken, My Love! here.

Irene Guerrero

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