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Childish Gambino – “Me And Your Mama”

Childish Gambino is back with the newest single off of his upcoming album Awaken, My Love! We get a first taste of what this album, which comes out December 2nd, will sound like with this 6 minute song. Titled “Me And Your Mama“, we see a new direction for Gambino as he starts off really soft with a bit of keyboards but he brings in lush, rich instrumentation with heavy bass and a chorus that repeats the sentiment that Childish is in love with a woman when they’re smoking that “la-la-la”. I thought I would be turned away from this song at first because of what I heard the album sounded like from people that went to his performance in Joshua Tree, but I’m loving this track. Can’t wait to hear what the rest of the album sounds like. Pre-order Awaken, My Love! here and listen to the first single below!

One comment on “Childish Gambino – “Me And Your Mama”

  1. […] line that makes you want to do nothing but bob your head back and forth. With this track and “Me And Your Mama” last week, we can see Gambino taking a different direction with his music. There has been no […]


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