Big Swift “Escobar” Prod. Saltreze

Big Swift “Escobar” Prod. Saltreze

Downey, CA’s own Big Swift linked with rising LA producer Saltreze to create pure, unadulterated audio narcotics. While in the process of starting up his own mobile medical marijuana delivery service, Swift Meds, Swift was inspired to write a remarkably dope record about exactly how he’s feeling lately. As he watched the second season of ‘Narcos’ on Netflix on mute he created “Escobar” and likened himself to the infamous Pablo Escobar as he too submerges himself into the business of being a legitimate street pharmacist. However, don’t for a second think Swift just made a novelty cut just to be trendy because feeling like Pablo is hot; fam came with the extra picante EscoBARS on this joint, skating all over Saltreze vibrant guitar-laced masterpiece of a beat.

Play here.

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