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While the world watched as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton squared off in their first official presidential debate of the 2016 election last night, up and coming Los Angeles artist 3rd Ave dropped the most ignorant song of 2016. The uber controversial record is titled, “DONALD TRUMP’S DAUGHTER REALLY WANT THIS DICK”, which is his version of a cupid’s arrow directed at Donald’s eldest daughter Ivanka Trump’s cold, conservative heart. 3rd expressed in an Instagram post why he chose to create such a vulgar, disrespectful song amidst this political climate, he stated, “When one uses his platform, power, and riches to make a disgrace of the human embodiment of what & who were are in a negative way…we stand & use our voice. This guy knows what he’s doing…he knows how to work the media…shock value. This song is what he is doing. Right back atcha.”.

The California artist is dead serious about potentially finagling his way into the Trump family however, as he is launching a GoFundMe campaign to garner up enough funds to take the beautiful Ivanka on a nice, classy, romantic, date to one of her favorite restaurants. Follow @3rdAv3 on Twitter and Instagram to donate to this amazing cause. Shouts out to Tomi Lahren, she can get it too. Listen below.

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