A Song To Play For Your Future Babymomma

A Song To Play For Your Future Babymomma

So, Chris Brown and Bryson Tiller made a song together. Before you ladies moisten your undergarments, I have to warn you that young men with Dad hats will try to use this song to seduce you. That in itself isn’t so bad, you might want them to, but these animals are going to use you as their excuse to justly wear these dusty curved bill caps they’ve been sporting under false pretenses since ‘TRAPSOUL’ dropped. These monsters are not going to be wearing a jimmy hat so they can finally be the fathers they pretend to be.

Okay now ladies look away I’m going to speak to our male readers; Yo fams, play this for the shorty you’ve been trying to bag and gives you signals sometimes, but you don’t read them too well and it’s caused a lot of false starts because your dumbass thinks too much. And the only hat you should be wearing that night is your Nike Dri-fit hat you bought at the Nike Outlet the weekend ‘TRAPSOUL’ dropped, it absorbs sweat really well and is remarkably durable. Also, remember if you get the sudden urge to pull out for some reason, keep this motto in mind ‘WWCBD’ (what would Chris Brown do?).

Listen below. Produced by J-Louis.

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