ICYMI: Kanye West Premiere’s “Fade” Music Video

ICYMI: Kanye West Premiere’s “Fade” Music Video

In case you’re like me and don’t watch tv, you probably missed out on Kanye’s new video. (Fuck Tidal) The video features Good Music’s very own, Teyana Taylor. She dances around to the beat of the song like she’s on the set of Footlose. Instagram models have already made her “Goals”. Fun fact, she just had a baby girl not too long ago. (MILF) 

I always love a Yeezy interview or speech, because I truly believe Jaden Smith is the only person in attendance that really understands what Kanye is talking about.“Name one genius that aint crazy.” If you don’t want to hear Kanye ramble for 6 Minutes and 50 Seconds, please skip ahead to the Music Video.


Fuck MTV.


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