Frank Ocean Drops New Album “Blonde”

Frank Ocean Drops New Album “Blonde”


For Frank Ocean fans, these past four years have been gruesome, waiting patiently for another album, thinking every loose track that dropped mean the project was closer to dropping, jumping on every rumor that came out in hopes of them being true. This weekend however, they were more than blessed by the wait. Starting on Thursday night Frank released a visual album exclusively on Apple Music titled “Endless” which featured all new songs. Then Friday came with a new video for his first single off the album titled “Nikes”, and it all lead up to Saturday where we got news that Frank was opening pop-up magazine shops in four cities. Then when people got there, they opened the magazine to find that the album was inside, and people were going nuts. Shortly after, Blonde was uploaded to Apple Music, and it’s everything fans were waiting for. Seventeen tracks to hold them over until the next presidential election year. The album features contributions from the likes of Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, and Andre 3000. It is now available to stream on Apple Music or you can buy it on iTunes here. Early favorites after my first listen were “Ivy”, “Pink + White”, “Solo”, “Skyline To”, “Nights”, and “White Ferrari”. I’m kind of hoping the magazine is made available in a more wide release but in case it doesn’t, here are some images Steven J. Horowitz posted of the content inside.

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