Jhené Aiko – “New Balance (Rough)”

Jhené Aiko – “New Balance (Rough)”

Jhené Aiko has returned with her first new song since her joint project with Big Sean earlier this year. It comes by way of a rough cut of a new track titled “New Balance“. It isn’t a commercial song for a shoe brand of the same name. We do see the makings of a very intimate love song where we hear Jhené talk about how most people are the same and are “more alive in the scenes of our dreams”. However, we go on to hear her say “then there’s you”, showing that the guy she’s talking about is different than all the rest, he provides a new kind of balance for her. Now, there have been rumors going around that we won’t get into, but whoever this guy is that’s making her feel this way, we send props out to you. Check out “New Balance” below.

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