Chance Debuts New Song In Nike Commercial

Chance Debuts New Song In Nike Commercial

The 2016 Olympics are in full swing and today, Nike has released a commercial that supports the men and women’s national basketball teams. The commercial features an original song from Chance The Rapper whose lyrics bring chills to you as you see footage of the teams getting ready to compete for the US. Taking words from the Preamble and “The Star Spangled Banner”, Chance creates a truly inspirational song with thoughtful lyrics such as “we want a W, we tired of picking different sides” alluding to the political climate in America right now with the two major parties; and the video highlights the strength and unity that Team USA has going for them at the Olympics this year and uses the lyrics mentioned above as a sort of comparison to how we should strive to be unified as citizens and want the best for our neighbors. Watch the video below.

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