Isaiah Rashad – “Free Lunch”

Isaiah Rashad – “Free Lunch”

A lot of fans were wondering who the next person from TDE would be to drop an album after Top Dawg had posted this photo to his Instagram earlier this year:

Many were hyped about what was in store for TDE in 2016, but they were also left with speculations as to what order the projects would be releasing. On Friday, however, Top tweeted the following:

Now, most think this is the date of the next TDE album release date, however, not everyone is sure who’s dropping an album, but today, speculations are high for Isaiah Rashad. Most people have been waiting to see what Isaiah could do on a commercially released album, especially after his highly acclaimed Cilvia Demo project dropped 2 years ago. Today, he has released his newest single titled “Free Lunch” which is only his second of the year. Listen to the track below, and check out his other single, “Smile”, that dropped back in January here.


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