Slim 400 “All Blassik” Mixtape

Slim 400 “All Blassik” Mixtape

Now that Bompton’s YG has flooded the airwaves with a fiery red crimson wave, it’s time for his fellow comrade Slim 400 to join in. If you’ve listened to any of YG’s recent music then you’ve heard of the fellow 4Hunnid camp member. This mixtape is a tribute to the sounds of the streets that raised Slim 400. The black and brown unity is real with this mixtape, with more appearances from Sad Boy Loko, who we first heard on YG’s recent ‘Still Brazy’.

We start off “Bruisin’” through the streets of Bompton over N2Deep‘s classic “Back 2 Tha Hotel“. A few tracks later, Slim remixes another Bompton legend-DJ Quik-on “Virus“, a remix to the Blassik “Let’s Get Down“. However–“Get Caught With This” is the hottest track on the mixtape. I’m pretty sure even Snoop would B-Stomp to this one.

I’m pretty sure this explains all of the fires in the west lately, not only do we have hot ass weather, but we also have street heat, and this is definitely All Blassik.

Listen below.


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