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LNDN DRGS ‘Burnout 2’ EP

LNDN DRGS is back right in time for the last leg of the summer. The duo of rapper Jay Worthy and Sean House created a brand new sound mixing old 80’s funk and pop sounds with new precociously, playerific, pimptastic flows. Their new 10 minute project is one long mixed track made up of 5 smooth records featuring Mayhem Lauren, The Batta Ram and Lench Mob’s Dazzy Dee.

Track list:

1. 2 BRAND NEW PHONES feat. The Batta Ram (0:00)
2. ANOTHER ONE feat. Meyhem Lauren (2:30)
3. HURT MY HAND (3:46)
4. ONE THOUSAND feat. Dazzy Dee (5:21)
5. FREE THROW (8:27)

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