LNDN DRGS ‘Burnout 2’ EP

LNDN DRGS ‘Burnout 2’ EP

LNDN DRGS is back right in time for the last leg of the summer. The duo of rapper Jay Worthy and Sean House created a brand new sound mixing old 80’s funk and pop sounds with new precociously, playerific, pimptastic flows. Their new 10 minute project is one long mixed track made up of 5 smooth records featuring Mayhem Lauren, The Batta Ram and Lench Mob’s Dazzy Dee.

Track list:

1. 2 BRAND NEW PHONES feat. The Batta Ram (0:00)
2. ANOTHER ONE feat. Meyhem Lauren (2:30)
3. HURT MY HAND (3:46)
4. ONE THOUSAND feat. Dazzy Dee (5:21)
5. FREE THROW (8:27)

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