Ab-Soul, Done With The Wait?

Ab-Soul, Done With The Wait?

As I finally get to give Schoolboy Q‘s ‘Blank Face LP‘ a good listen, my mind meandered over to the LONGTERM section of my memory where the thought of, “where is Ab-Soul‘s next project?” exists. Then I began to realize, Ab-Soul has been relegated to the bench these past two years.

The Carson, CA emcee released his debut studio album ‘These Days‘ June 24th, 2014 and was considered a disappointment among certain fans and critics. Since then, Kendrick Lamar unleashed ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’, ‘untitled, unmastered’, Schoolboy dropped ‘Oxymoron’, ‘Blank Face LP’, Jay Rock released ‘90059’ and newcomer TDE affiliate Kembe X just released his debut album ‘Talk Back’.

Soulo has essentially been lapped twice by Kendrick and Schoolboy, and we might very possibly hear a Isaiah Rashad or SZA album before Ab-Soul drops his sophomore effort. Apart from not releasing a new project, Ab-Soul has not treated his fans to a plethora of singles, verses from features. To fans of Soulo, when is the time to panic? Is it now?


We know Ab has been working on an album, because when Top Dawg instagram’d a whiteboard of TDE’s plans for 2016 back in January with the words “mixing” in parenthesis next to Ab-Soul’s name. Which meant that the album was already complete and in the mixing and mastering process. Then, in early February the Black Lip Pastor tweeted out his frustrations about not releasing his album or even any music for that matter.


The next update we’ve received was roughly a month ago when Ab-Soul tweeted out that his album’s track-list was turned in with the hashtag “#DWTW” which some have speculated could be ‘Done With The World’, but I hope it stands for ‘Damn Worth The Wait’.

Then we received a leak titled “Kitty Flip” produced by Mac Miller, a verse from him on the Black Hippy Remix of Schoolboy Q‘s “That Part” and most recently a verse on Bas‘ “Housewives remix“. It seems to appear that he is ramping up to release his ‘DWTW’ album, but we have seen his album be delayed countless times before unfortunately.

Soulo, are we ‘Done With The Wait’ yet?



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