OHNO ‘The Club’ EP Available Now!

OHNO ‘The Club’ EP Available Now!


IMG_5078Rel$ and Infameezy, also known as the popular LA based hip-hop duo OHNO have released their latest EP ‘The Club’. The two have been releasing fire music for going on two years now and have amassed a strong, cult like following in the process.

The Club‘ is a project that shows plenty of progression from both Rel$ from a songwriting stand-point and Infameezy as a fantastic producer. OHNO collaborated with notable artists Problem, Saba Joon, Compton AV, 6Villa as well as Stoney Tha Dealer on the new EP. Although “Whip & Dab”, “Get It”, and “Bye Felicia” are early standouts on the project, you can play ‘The Club‘ all the way through on your way to the club, the mall, the beach and on your bluetooth speaker of choice while swimming in your neighbors pool when they go on vacation this summer.

Listen below and purchase the EP here!


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