Jèan P- S.L.I.M.E. [Dir. DukeVisions]

Jèan P- S.L.I.M.E. [Dir. DukeVisions]

“In a world of Bad Bitches, Fuck Boys, Side Pieces, and Ratchets, being in a committed relationship, with an artist or individual who has huge aspirations in life, certainly can’t be easy. It’s a known reality in that type of lifestyle, the temptation to cheat or stray is massive; and most succumb to it. Lovers sometimes accept it as simply, a part of the lifestyle.

“Street Life Intelligence and Money is Everything,” It’s an acronym for S.L.I.M.E, originated by N.O.R.E. and made popular by rapper Vado, or you might have heard the word used more recently by Young Thug. Coincidentally, it’s also the title of the debut visual from creative designer, artist, Jèan P.

Emerging from Los Angeles, literally living in almost every part of the city, Jèan makes his music introduction wearing a detailed ensemble of his own designs. When not designing, Jèan expresses his creativity through music. Thus offering this authentic tasting visual that looks and sounds a bit braggadocios.

He boasts “When you on that other shit, Ima go and fuck my other bitch, cause a nigga, not just anybody,” as he breaks down the current situation to his girl over an intimate conversation on the phone.

S.L.I.M.E. is the present-day state of mind for a self-confident and mysterious Jèan P. Doing everything on his own terms.

Produced by FORTUNE and directed by Dukevisions.”

(Via CypressMoreno.com)

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