Tax Season “West Coast Episode” With Xzibit, Problem &YG

Tax Season “West Coast Episode” With Xzibit, Problem &YG


The rawest podcast in the world Tax Season with Brooklyn’s Tax Stone just came out to the west coast and sat down with 3 of LA’s biggest artists. Tax had the legend Xzibit, the mogul Problem, and the hometown hero YG for a dope discussion, where they spoke about new and old west coast music, the business opportunities in the game today, each individual artists rise, current political issues and more.

Plus, YG and Problem seemingly squashed their past issues by being in the same room together and being cordial for the first time publicly. And shoutout to Problem for rocking our Rosecrans jersey during the interview, get yours now! Problem also announced him and DJ Quik are working on a full length ‘Rosecrans‘ album!


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