Schoolboy Q – “That Part” Music Video ft. Kanye West

Schoolboy Q – “That Part” Music Video ft. Kanye West

Schoolboy Q is getting ready for the release of his upcoming album on July 8th. He has yet to release the name of the album or any track listing, but today, he has released a new music video for his latest single “THat Part” with none other than Kanye West. If you follow Q on snapchat, he was showing a bit of a behind the scenes when he filmed this video a couple weeks ago in Los Angeles. We see Q in a lot of colorful and trippy backgrounds and on a party school bus that looks extremely lit. When Kanye comes into the picture, he gives us a kind of MTV Cribs view of his house, that has a stripper in it, probably the one that got glitter on him. Kanye also repeats words that Kendrick said in his last album which were “Get Top on the phone!” and because of that, there is a number at the end of the video, which I called to verify for you all, and it really is Top’s number. Anyway, check out the music video below.

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