RJ Sits With Cypress Moreno For A Very Candid Interview

RJ Sits With Cypress Moreno For A Very Candid Interview

Mr. LA, RJ sat down with Cypress Moreno for a very passionate interview. The “Get Rich” rapper spoke on how his life has changed from when he dropped his first ‘OMMIO‘ mixtape, to now as he’s just dropped the third installment in the series, how he’s become a staple on the LA music scene, and has gained a large and loyal fan-base. RJ also shared some interesting anecdotes of events that have taken place recently, which prove just how much influence he currently has with supporters. The LA mainstay gets very candid when elaborating on how a majority of people do not care about what you do until you make a certain amount of money. Then, RJ explains why he feels he is the embodiment of Los Angeles and how that lead to his nickname, Mr. LA. When breaking down bars from his latest single “OMG”, RJ lets you inside of his mind and walks you through his thought process and shows how deeply he values creativity, as well as true to life story telling.

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