SOUNDCLOUD GEM: L.A. VanGogh “Changed My Number” Prod. L.A. VanGogh

SOUNDCLOUD GEM: L.A. VanGogh “Changed My Number” Prod. L.A. VanGogh

A few days ago I had the pleasure of discovering a record by Chicago’s L.A. Vangogh titled “Grow Up” which was incredibly relateable because Vangogh was rapping about not being ready to full embrace adulthood at his age because he loved his childhood so much. I believe he and I are roughly the same age because of his references to Power Rangers, Nickelodeon, 50 Cent’s “Many Men” track and Playstation’s Grand Theft Auto Vice City are exactly my era. The song blew me away with it’s all around quality, then the next song from his Soundcloud page played and it was even better!

Changed My Number” is such a special record all across the board, impeccable production by L.A. VanGogh himself as well as DJ Ambi Lyrics of SafeNSound, the melody, the witty lyrics, the cadence, creative flows is all A1 in my opinion. Fam said, “if you block my new number I’ll send my feelings via Fax” BARS.

Listen below to “Changed My Number” and make sure to give his whole project ‘safeNsound presents L.A. VanGogh‘ then put your friends on it after.

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