DJ Quik and Problem’s ‘Rosecrans’ EP Available NOW!

DJ Quik and Problem’s ‘Rosecrans’ EP Available NOW!

The Legendary DJ Quik and west-coast staple, Problem announced their surprise joint ‘Rosecrans‘ EP only twenty-four hours ago, and it is now available for purchase! ‘Rosecrans‘ refers to the infamous street in LA that runs through the westside of Compton which the two grew up on. The two Compton rappers linked for six songs, of pure fire. DJ Quik produced some, Problem produced some, they both rapped, brought the party vibes, made some funky shit, and created a classic EP. Features on the project include The Game, Bad Lucc, Wiz Khalifa, Buddy and more.

The two artists come up and career trajectory are so similar, but hardly ever mentioned, if DJ Quik is Jordan, Problem can definitely be Kobe. Both rappers come from the streets of Compton, Rosecrans to be exact, they love to make party records, they produce, and of course can rap their asses off. Problem makes you turn up and Quik makes you groove, it’s the perfect balance.


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