Joey Fatts On The No Jumper Podcast

Joey Fatts On The No Jumper Podcast

Long Beach’s Joey Fatts sits down with Adam of the No Jumper podcast. He absolutely gave one of most honest, and entertaining interviews I’ve heard in some time. Joey dishes on his gang affiliation from an early age, why and how he began making music, his homelessness, and assorted beefs with other rappers. The Cutthroat boy also details his relationship with Vince Staples, A$AP Rocky and the rest of the mob, Waka Flocka as well as the late great A$AP Yams and the time leading up to his passing. In an unexpected twist, the typically stoic gangster rapper got extremely emotional while talking about the death of his best-friend DJ and Yams. I wish I did this interview, because it was so incredible.

Listen below.

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