Kid Cudi – “The Frequency”

Kid Cudi – “The Frequency”

Ok, to be honest, I kind of skipped over Kid Cudi’s last album. Not that I didn’t hear it, I did, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I respected Cudi for going that route and doing all the instrumentation himself, but the type of music he was coming out with by using that formula was not something I really wanted to hear from him. So I wished him the best in his new endeavors, hoping one day he would release something that I would be into again. And today is that day. Cudi released “The Frequency” earlier today which shows Cudder going back to his roots a bit, which I felt was always different enough from the type of “hip-hop” that was out during his time, but I guess he wanted to change it up a bit more when he got to Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, and I respected that. But either way, this new track is great, produced by Cudi himself along with Mike Dean and Plain Pat, and you can hear it below.

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