Hopsin Sits Down With Cypress Moreno, Talks New Label And Funk Volume Dissolve

Hopsin Sits Down With Cypress Moreno, Talks New Label And Funk Volume Dissolve

Los Angeles rapper, producer, Hopsin sits down with Young California affiliate, DJ Cypress Moreno for a rare in-depth interview. The ordinarily enigmatic emcee expressed what his new record label Undercover Prodigy means to him, and his plans to grow it even larger than his former label Funk Volume. He also disclosed how the name was originally intended for a clothing line he planned to launch in 2014, but never established. Hopsin explained the reason for his riff with former Funk Volume business partner Dame Ritter. The emcee stated it inspired the content for his new record, “Ill Mind of Hopsin 8”. The Pound Syndrome rapper described how it felt to finally be heard on one of LA’s most popular radio stations, Power 106 and stated he hopes to be heard on radio more regularly.

As Hopsin enters this new chapter in his career, he talked about being more self-aware, shaking the stigma of being seen solely as a dark, wicked, rapper, and evolving as an artist. He asserts his dire need to adapt in this ever-changing industry and says he can no longer be stuck in the early 2000s, mentally or musically. The California rapper declares his plans to enhance his image, style, and production. The former XXL Freshman also speaks on linking with a man named Bruce Sterling in order to strengthen his live show. By doing things such as upgrading the lighting, stage design and rehearsing for up to 8 hours for one performance, he hopes to make an everlasting impression on his loyal fan base.

Interview directed and edited by Dukevisions.

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