Avenue Interviews Black Mag by Vic Stunts 

Avenue Interviews Black Mag by Vic Stunts 

Whenever we conduct Avenue Interviews with artists it’s typically for one simple reason. In some way, shape, or form the artist we interview captures our imagination. When I first heard Black Mag‘s “Never Play’d” I was blown away. The lyricism, and flow was on point, coupled with ill production was an absolute slam dunk. The Lemiert Park lyricist is steady growing his fan-base and gaining noteriety with his pen-game. Recently the emcee released the track “Berth” and got placement on major blogs such as RESPECT, YouHeardThatNew, ItzBizkit to name a few.

I spoke to Mag about what inspired him to start seriously rapping, who his favorite member of Outkast is, what he plans on accomplishing this year, and planning a trip down south to Atlanta for the A3C festival and more! Read below!

Vic Stunts: Can you pinpoint one event in your life that pushed you into making music and taking it seriously?

Black Mag: I honestly took it more serious when I first start recording I felt like my sound could change hip hop so I started trying to separate myself and make some funky shit I always took rapping as a hobby until I got to the point where I felt I had a message and story to tell. 

Vic Stunts: Who were some artist that you heard growing up that made you want to rap?

Black Mag: Outkast. Did I mention the dungeon family ? I love their approach. It’s so funky and different, definitely my favorite. I also rock with Erykah Badu, Lauryn hill, D’Angelo, and (The) Game, he def opened that door back up for us artist on the west.

Vic Stunts: That’s ill. It is definitely a diverse list of artists, I dig it. What are some things you want to accomplish in 2016?

Black Mag: Take over get my music global people are starting to notice, but it’s just the beginning. I increased my plays by over 70,000 plus this year alone, so we turning that into millions of plays and we’re gonna keep feeding ya’ll dope shit we like the dungeon family foreal (lol). 

Vic Stunts: Speaking of Dungeon family, who is your favorite from the Atlanta collective?

Black Mag: C’mon man!!! 3 Stacks (Andre 3000) and Big Boi are neck and neck. I personally can’t pick. 

Vic Stunts: You can never pick which one is better, that’s what makes them such a great group. Have you been to Atlanta yet?

Black Mag: I plan on being in a3c this year I also want to go to try that good ass soul food Bruh! One of the very few states I haven’t been to (lol).

Vic Stunts: Speaking of plans, what are your plans musically for 2016?

Black Mag: 2016, I’m going to make sure black Mag is world wide I feel like the music I have will speak volumes I want to be able to go around the world spreading good music and smoking the best weed and that’s what Ima do.

You can listen to Black Mag’s Never Play’d below.

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