ChinkyEyedLA’s Latin Nights Show Review

ChinkyEyedLA’s Latin Nights Show Review

Last Friday (1/29/2016), I was fortunate enough to attend a very dope Latino artist showcase at the M Bar in Boyle Heights. ChinkyeyedLA presented a show titled Latin Nights which was aimed at giving Latino hip-hop artists a platform to be seen and heard by supporters and potential supporters. The show was headlined by San Diego’s Rossi Rock who is signed to the New York based collective Tan Boys and LA’s 3rd Ave of Unit 90. Latin Nights also featured Brownvill/Silent Giant artist Holladay, Trew Uno, Prolix Moran, Jehuniko, and Slum The Resident.

I entered the crowded dive bar with much hope for a quality showcase of talent from Latin artist. The crowd was filled with Latino, white and black people from ages 21-65, consisting of family of the performers, music industry personnel, lovers of hip-hop and other rappers who wanted to see the show for themselves.

The opener Slum The Resident told tales of grinding on the streets, dodging police and hustling his way through life with lots of well placed energy and intensity. I loved how transparent Slum was. His current life is what he raps about and he hopes that his music will take him out of the slums he spits about. Next up was Jehuniko, a rapper who presented himself as somewhat of a thug-poet. Before he performed one song he chose to speak on the inequality for Latino artist in hip-hop and how grateful he was for the opportunity to be a part of this showcase. He proceed to rap about his gutter lifestyle with his guttural voice and engaged the crowd who were mostly unfamiliar with him. After that, Trew Uno blazed the stage and gave one of my favorite performances of the night, the Colombian by way of Los Angeles displayed his knack for putting on a good show during his 15 minute set. Trew performed SKATE BLAZE HU$TLE, Every Night and other really dope songs I couldn’t wait to get home and look up.  Ziplock Music’s Prolix Moran took the stage next with host Cousin Feo and turned up for the many supporters they had in attendance. Their section of fans followed along with nearly every word and were enthused throughout. I’m almost certain Moran gained some new supporters that night because of his very solid performance. Holladay wasted no time starting his performance as family members and other supporters anxiously looked on. The young artist had a great, unique look, lacked some stage presence, which is understandable because of his age. However, Holladay did have good records booming through the system such as “Mas Chingon” and had the crowd hyped and interested. Unit90’s 3rd Ave followed, and if you follow RosecransAve regularly you should be familiar with him.


The 562 artist definitely brought his A game to Boyle Heights, and kicked off his performance with the intro off of his Triquetra project Trinity, then got into other album cuts such as Street Callz featuring DrainTheGod whom he brought on stage with him as well and they demonstrably traded verses back and forth. 3rd then shared the microphone with fellow Norwalk emcee Kwame Jaw who then got into a energetic performance of his Kwamakaze joint and jumped into the crowd and turned the fuck up. 3rd Ave then got back on the mic to finish out his set by performing his hype record UOWANNA featuring fellow Latino artist A$ton Matthews, doing an acapella freestyle, and thanking ChinkyeyedLA for the platform. Finally it was headliner Rossi Rock‘s turn at bat and his set was definitely worth the wait. The Tan Boy artist drove up the 5 freeway two hours from his hometown of San Diego to bless the crowd with songs like “Suav City” and “Always Got Enough” featuring Bodega Bamz, as well as the tribute to Mexico “Green White and Red“. Rossi also did a very dope tribute to deceased Latina star Selena Quintanilla where he had everyone raise their phones in the air for her.



The showcase was definitely a success, making a diverse crowd of black, white and Latinos hip to the bevy of talented Latino artists in hip-hop. Shouts to ChinkyeyedLA for putting this on and allowing me to cover this dope event. Follow them on Twitter on IG for more info on upcoming shows.



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