Flip Major Backstage Interview by Vic Stunts

Flip Major Backstage Interview by Vic Stunts

I recently had the pleasure of attending the extremely lit Joe Moses and Nipsey Hussle show at The OC Observatory. As I hung out backstage, (and wondered if the bottle of Hennessy was off-limits to media members) a very talented young artist I have been following for a while who goes by the name Flip Major walked in to the dressing room. After introducing myself and chopping it up for a few with the Inland Empire artist, I then had the opportunity of interviewing Flip moments before he performed in front of the packed house in Santa Ana. We spoke briefly about his upcoming projects, the songs he was most excited to perform, the artists who influenced his live show and more. Peep below.


Vic Stunts: What projects are you currently working on?

Flip: I’m working on a project right now called Bases Loaded, which is under the umbrella of The Major League movement that I have going. Bases Loaded is like a warm up.

Vic Stunts: Which songs are you most excited to perform tonight?

Flip: Honestly, I’m excited to perform some new sh*t because I switched my set up from the last set I’ve been doing for the past 6 months, it’s a lot newer music, some of the music isn’t even out yet. That’s what I’m most excited for, but I’m not going to tell you the songs just yet, you have to wait and see.

Vic: Are you performing “Okay Ok”?

Flip: Yeah I’m definitely playing “Okay Ok”, I actually have ARoc coming, he’s one of the featured artists along with Skeme. We’re definitely going to rock that out tonight, for the first time together, so that should be lit.

Vic: Which mentors or people you look up to have influenced your live show?

Flip: That’s a great question actually, I got to give Sebass some credit, he influenced my live show, but when I first started performing I did a lot of live band shows, I didn’t do a lot of hip-hop shows. So I have to give credit to a lot of up and coming live band performers. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with SPEAK, he’s a very dope performer, Audio Push, very dope performers and good friends of mine, a lot of up and coming guys out of the IE (Inland Empire). I didn’t really grow up going to a lot of big rap shows though, the biggest one I ever went to was a few months ago, “How The West Was Won”.

Vic: What are your musical goals for 2016?

Flip: Sell about 10,000 albums on iTunes, get the merch popping, get that shit booming. And I want to put out at least 3 projects, I might have 3 projects already done and recorded you never know.

Bases Loaded will be released March 4th, 2016.

But in the meantime listen to his latest hit single “Throw Bandz” featuring Joe Moses below.

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