Kanye West Changes Title of Forthcoming Album, AGAIN

Kanye West Changes Title of Forthcoming Album, AGAIN

Last night Kanye West changed the title of his forthcoming album, yet again! The album was originally titled “So Help Me God” then changed to “SWISH”, and is now “Waves“. He announced it by tweeting a picture of a paper that had previously unveiled his track list. Now that paper has undergone Caitlyn Jenner levels of changes, with one new song titled “Ultra Light Beam” being added along with signatures from all people present, such as Kylie Jenner, A$AP Rocky, Swizz Beatz, Kim K, Vic Mensa, Farnsworth Bentley (I think) and another one I can’t quite make-out.




The album title got other rappers such as Wiz Khalifa up in arms because they felt as if Kanye West was stealing the title from incarcerated Harlem rapper Max B. It caused such a ruckus Max B was the number 1 trending topic in the world last night.


But Kanye took notice and tweeted this and now everything seems copacetic.


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