PREMIERE: Kev Decor “Questions” Prod. Kev Decor

PREMIERE: Kev Decor “Questions” Prod. Kev Decor

Another Tuesday, another new incredible Kev Decor record, however what’s different about this one is the level of realness this is on. “Questions” displays Kev’s rawest emotions and vulnerability, he is literally keeping it 100, he and let us feel what he was feeling at a certain point in time. This is what music is supposed to do, make you feel and it really moved me. In my opinion, expressing real emotions in music is what pushes you to the forefront, it’s what made Drake, Drake, what makes us feel like we personally know someone because we hear their struggle like Bryson Tiller. So in honor of him keeping it so real, we’re going to do something we usually don’t do, and peel back the curtain a bit and see our email conversation about this astounding record below.


 A bit of the backstory behind this record. This record wasn’t supposed to come out. Reason being because I made this record one night when I was really frustrated with everything with my music; I was purely venting when I created this. The next morning I played it back and felt pretty disappointed in myself for feeling so low during a time period in my life where everything feels so great. Like in general, I’m at the best place i’ve been in my life in all aspects but somehow I managed to make such a low feeling song. So I told myself i’d never put this out until I played it for a few homies that I hadn’t seen in a while one day at the studio…. they had me replay it like 20 times back to back -that’s how much they loved it. Something about the raw feelings I expressed touched them in such a way, I was taken back. They related to it and felt it. So I decided maybe other people can relate and vibe to this.. the irony of this record is how we as people can feel so low at times when we are at our best. It’s nature.



Man Kev, this song is incredible. It really moved me, I really felt what you’re saying because I’ve been there, I mean when you chase your dream you always second guess yourself and think if you should just take the “safe” road, but you know you’ll be more miserable than you are now because at least you have a shot right now no matter how slim the chances are.

This is awesome bro. Keep it up! The lyrics below are some of the realest ever, 2Pac level no exaggeration!

“Is you really gon’ stop, before you pop nigha?

Is you really gon’ end up just like yo’ pops nigha?

Cuz these fake ass nighas don’t give you props nigha?

With yo’ buckett in hand, pushin a mop nigha?

Contemplatin taking yo’ life, in a parking lot nigha?

Is you really gon’ give up ya only shot nigha?”

Rosecrans Vic

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