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#3AMWeMeetAgain in LA : Guest Mix By: Marina

We’ve all been there – It’s 3AM, you’re alone in your room thinking about shit you ignored the whole day. Then your feelings creep in. You’re now wondering where they’re at or where they’ve been. You’re about to shoot your shot and press send on a message you normally wouldn’t, all because you met with 3AM… again.

As a wave originally stared by World Famous member, Lenny (@redheadLEN on Twitter), #3AMWeMeetAgain has quickly grown into a trending hashtag and become notorious for housing some of the smoothest R&B playlists you can imagine – all curated by Lenny himself. However, the NYC native threw a curve ball when he allowed a West Coast lady to create a mix for the masses. That young lady? Me.

Press play on #3AMWeMeetAgain below and be sure to follow the World Famous Soundcloud. All playlists drop at 3AM on the East, 12AM on the West and are teased via Lenny’s Twitter. So hit the follow button, and be ready when it hits.


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