Andru & Gio Dee “Blue Bills” Prod. Krissio

Andru & Gio Dee “Blue Bills” Prod. Krissio

Andru is back on The Ave with more fire! Blue Bills produced by Krissio featuring Gio Dee is crazy fams, when you listen to this type of slow, auto-tuned trappy music you can expect to not be able to understand the artists, just vibe with the noises they make that sound like they could potentially be words, but not Andru’s he always has BARS. Fam said, “I got the lean from Mexico, we really leaning like cholos” you can’t make witty shit up like that, it has to be real life. Gio Dee (which is a really clever name because it sounds like G-O-D) murked his verse too making this one of my favorite records so far this year and instantly in my rotation.

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