Kalan Fr Fr x Roddy Ricch “Phone Calls EP”

Kalan Fr Fr x Roddy Ricch “Phone Calls EP”

Kalan Fr Fr and Roddy Ricch have dropped a new project together hosted by your girlfriend’s favorite side n*gga LA’s DJ Bugsyy, titled “Phone Calls EP“. Spoiler alert, it’s fuckin’ fire! Equipped with the vocal and production talent of both  Kalan and Roddy, this is in the same lane of Bryson Tiller, PND, and Tory Lanez, but with a dope west-coast feel to it. The nine track project is an easy listen that you can play from beginning to end without skipping a record.

This EP has been on repeat for the past 24 hours and I’ve put a bunch of people on to this tape because of its severe lit-ness. Phone Calls EP has sparked too many spontaneous text messages from me to old tings, like “that new heat (with the Soundcloud link attached)” which causes replies like “I like it 😉” and “you always put me on that good shit 😉” and I cleverly quote featured artist Chris O’Banon and say “come through and jump on it, girl” which might lead to my life eventually being ruined when my girl sees those conversations, but it’s worth it because the music is that fire.

Listen below!

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