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Tee Cambo’s “The Untitled Project”

There is no other way to explain this mixtape than from Tee Cambo himself, “the rap game so black and white, let me add a little color to it”. While your girl is not Cambodian, I am from Cambodia Town in LB, so I’ve noticed Long Beach’s blood, sweat and tears that is the Cambo Movement has been on the come up since Tee dropped “I’m a Cambo (alongside fellow Cambo Movement member CS)“. It took Youtube to the much overlooked side of Long Beach, the Cambodian community. Today, the Eastside representative has come out with his debut album, entitled “The Untitled Project“. Right away, Tee wastes no time throwing us a banger with “Do That“, one I can already picture being blasted out of someone’s car rolling down Anaheim. While I genuinely enjoyed the entire tape, my personal favorites were “I’m Straight“, “Moonwalk” and “If I Ruled the World” with fellow Eastsider G Funk Supreme.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.44.23 PM

You can listen and download here. Make sure you have an extinguisher available, because you’re going to need it for this fire.

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One comment on “Tee Cambo’s “The Untitled Project”

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