N.W.A Gets Indicted to Hall of Fame

N.W.A Gets Indicted to Hall of Fame

2015 was almost like 1990 in terms of N.W.A’s fame. It was nearly impossible to go ANYWHERE without people sporting “Compton” or “Raiders” hats (actually, that’s an everyday occurrence in LA, especially on Rosecrans Avenue.) However, there is no denying how much influence the release of their biopic Straight Outta Compton had on us, whether you were reliving the good ol’ days or living the days your parents told you about via memes or the movie theatre. It was only appropriate following the continuous cycle of police brutality in America, a subject that sparked the inspiration behind the group’s biggest track, “F*ck the Police.” While many disagree on the fact they’re being indicted to the ROCK & ROLL hall of fame, I think being outspoken, influential, controversial and overall cultural icons deems them more than appropriate for the honor. Congrats to N.W.A & their families!

and for those who know or will forget..let us rejoice.

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