CRSLYRC “Sea Rich” Video

CRSLYRC “Sea Rich” Video

CRSLYRC (pronounced Cris Lyric) has released the video for his “Sea Rich” record and it is magnificent. The Conneticut native flexes his uncanny rap skills on the hazy production while doing rapper movements on the roof a skyscraper with a beautiful view of the city. It’s inspirational in many ways because this is probably just a light Tuesday for CRS and every Tuesday I’m one of the people inside a building like that on the second floor waiting in line for my turn at the vending machine like, “I’m just tryna get some chips dawg“, damn I wanna be rich too, dawg.

Watch below!
Twitter: @CRSLYRC @TribeWorldwide

Shot and Edited by Trevor Browning
Twitter: @TrevBROwning

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