Eric Bellinger’s “Cuffing Season 2”

Eric Bellinger’s “Cuffing Season 2”

Since it is winter time and the official cuffing season, it is only appropriate Santa Fe High School alum and r&b star Eric Bellinger released the second part to his Cuffing Season EP. This one is almost like Eric is taking us through a crazy night explaining the side effects of the famous cuffing season. On the “Miss My Exit/The Key“, he collaborates again with newcoming Sha Sha Jones from their collab on The Game’s Circles (which is excellent in itself). However, on “Ether/Doze Off/Inception” he leads us almost in a dream state. He also brings back Audio Push for “Irrelevant/Company“, having us feel a certain type of way. Don’t be surprised if your girl is expecting after this one, since this whole project is some serious baby making music.

Listen below and let us know how YOU feel about the cuffing season.

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