Bryson Tiller “Self Righteous”

Bryson Tiller “Self Righteous”

Pen Griffey aka Bryson Tiller aka The Soundcloud gawd has wasted no time in dropping some more new heat after his album T R A P S O U L was released only two short months ago. It’s perfect timing as far as I’m concerned though, December is prime in your feelings month and it is also notorious for the time when relationships, start, rekindle and end if you don’t think your significant other is worth buying a Christmas or Kwanza gift for.

Play this while you reminisce about how great your last relationship was, and how you might want that person back in your life/bed. Then once the song is over, you’ll remember how much of a bitch she was and how she got you a random ass Jay Bezel mixtape for Christmas when you bought her a gold pearl necklace. You know, the same old Self Righteous bullshit that always come to mind when you think of your exes.

Great song though, peep below.

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