Avenue Interviews Rob Two by Vic Stunts

Avenue Interviews Rob Two by Vic Stunts

Making a viable name and reputation for yourself in less than a year in a place like LA seems nearly impossible. However, if you’re a talented producer, director, rapper you might make some noise pretty quickly, which is the case for Rob Two. Since the beginning of 2015, the records he produced have amassed more than 100,000 plays on Soundcloud. At this moment, Az Swaye’s Ride With My Glock is the hottest record in LA and has received public acclaim from rappers Joe Moses, Skeme, RJ, reality star India “Love” Westbrook, and a remix from DJ Mustard’s artist Drakeo The Ruler.

Rob and I speak about his and Swaye’s rise, the inception of the record, his new solo record, who he wants to work with, comparisons with YG and DJ Mustard, how Chris Brown wants to work with him, what’s next for Rob and much more. Read below!


Vic Stunts: How does it feel to have produced the hottest record in LA, Az Swaye’s “Ride With My Glock” ?

Rob Two: Man it’s truly a blessing that I’m overly thankful for. I didn’t expect it to take off like that.

Vic: What is the story behind how Ride With My Glock was made? Were you and Swaye in the studio together when it was recorded?

Rob: It was just a normal day at the homie house, we were just chilling/smoking & I was actually making beats while Swaye was freestyling. Swaye is a dope writer & when he was freestyling he said “ride with my glock” & when I heard that I was like “woah, nigga record that shit”..I finished the beat up, we set up my laptop and recorded it in the homie (Az) Chike room. When we finished the record up we ain’t even know how powerful it was gonna be, we were just playing around.

Vic: That’s crazy. What’s been the most surreal moment since the song blew up, and has anyone you guys look up to reached out to you ?

Rob: Just watching everybody make videos turning up to our song & just seeing lyrics day and night made me appreciative, but the real moment was when Joe Moses brought Swaye & I out during his set at the Ty Dolla $ign show. That shit was like a movie I swear, I got up there in front of those 1500+ (people) and blacked out (haha), I couldn’t see any faces, all I could see was lights from phones.

Man so many people have reached out, but what really made me happy was knowing Too Short fucks with the wave and Chris Brown even wants parts on a track with me and Swaye. It is really a blessing though.

Vic: Wow that’s amazing. It’s crazy though because the first time we spoke I remember you telling me, “We are like a young ‘Pac and Dre of our generation out of Los Angeles” and I’ve seen you talk about being like the next YG and Mustard as well, do you feel like you guys now could be headed in that direction?

Rob: Yea we are def heading in that direction, we work hard every chance we get. We haven’t even showed the world what we are fully capable of so its way more growth to come, but It’s a blessing to finally be in the position we’ve been waiting on for years.

Vic:  I dig the confidence. Are there any plans for a full length project from you Two?

Rob: When the time is right I plan on doing a mixtape for my fans & supporters. I want to show the world I’m very versatile & can do it all, not just for the fame but for the love of this music shit. Joey Fatts told me I remind him of a young Kanye West so look out for a 5 track EP as well (hahaha).

Vic: That’s really dope. So you sent me a track that you produced and rapped on, and you didn’t sound like it was your first time rapping.Your flow was on point and your cadence was right, how long have you been rapping, and what made you feel like the time was now to release your first solo record?

Rob: Crazy you asked that, I was actually trying to rap before producing, back when I was 15, but my voice was high as hell and annoying so I left it alone and just focused on learning how to produce and engineer music. But “Run It Up” came about random as hell. It was 5 in the morning, I was leaning off a 8oz and I came up with the beat then I was freestyling and came up with the hook and I recorded it myself. I finished it up about 5:30 in the morning, called (Az) Chike up like we got one bro. I felt it was a good present to my supporters though overall, so I dropped it.

Vic: That’s cool it was such a spontaneous thing, because that’s how it sounded natural and not forced. How do feel that your profile has increased now that you have now that you have a credible hit under your belt, a lot more people hitting you up for beats and wanting to work?

Rob: I feel like Kanye on “I wonder” ..I’ve been waiting on this my whole life, it feel great because now I have the people attention and I’m not gone let it slip, I’m just gon’ keep producing hits and making hits,. lords will. And yeah, everyday it’s someone new hitting me for beats, but I ain’t sending shit if they ain’t talking $$$, you know this Vic (haha).

Vic: Yeah, I bet there are more rappers in your DM’s and mentions right than some Instagram models (haha). Who are some artists you really want to work with?

Rob: (Haha) Yo foreal, and it’s funny when they have a image on Twitter but be in my dm’s broke asking for beats..but I have came across some dope artist that I work with just off love and me seeing their vision. I have a whole list of artist I want to work with but Ima have to give u 5 right now, Chief Keef/ Iamsu/ Future/ Drake/ J. Cole.

Vic: That’s real, very diverse list of artists there. 2016 is rapidly approaching, so what is your ideal situation at this time next year?

Rob: Man, lords will I’m in a crib out the city making millions and feeding my family. Hella shows, interviews, sessions, traveling + memories with my niggas, just living life stress free without a worry, all I gotta do is create sounds.

Get familiar with some of Rob’s outstanding work below!


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