LNDN DRGS “Aktive” Free Album

LNDN DRGS “Aktive” Free Album

Duo LNDN DRGS comprised of Compton’s Jay Worthy and producer Sean House have made a fucking incredible sounding album. The production on “Aktive” is second to none, coupled with smooth as silk, slick talk from Jay makes for a string of outstanding records. The first half of the project has a house-pop vibe combined with the street bars sounds something like Madonna met DJ Quik in the UK in 1988, they took the narcotics of their respective preference, had wild unorthodox sex and made a bunch of fire ass music together. The next half of the tape has a bit more of the glittery, player/pimp/street hustler vibe, think Prince meets Too $hort.

The project boasts guest features from AD, G Perico, Mitchy Slick, Dubb, YG Hootie, A$AP Yams (RIP), REtch, Sha Hef, BIG WY, K Dee, Lil L, Earl Swavey and Krayzie Bone. This is such a dope listening experience and nothing like you’ve heard before.

Ride to this below and follow them on Twitter.

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