QUE “Liquor Talking” Prod. WebbMadeThis

QUE “Liquor Talking” Prod. WebbMadeThis

Que and WebbMadeThis have created a banger titled “Liquor Talking” right in time for this weekend’s festivities. The booming beat from Webb combined with Que’s quirky, quality flow makes for a fire record.

This is really an all purpose record, you fellas can go to the club this weekend and tell that beautiful gentlewoman with the nice rump that she has a bright future behind her, and say it’s the Ciroc talking if she’s offended. You can also vibe out to this when you’re inebriated this holiday season and tell your Aunts and Uncles how you really feel about them, and can also tell your grandma her turkey is dryer than a nun’s cookie, then say it’s the eggnog talking.

Listen below.

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