Van Jamme “Jugo” Video

Van Jamme “Jugo” Video

Van Jamme has the juice! And a remarkable song and video to prove it! Jugo displays Van’s lyrical skill, song writing ability and his quirky video does the song justice. You can tell it was super lit at that house party, shooting billiards, lots of alcohol, women so thick it’s socially acceptable to collectively stare at and take Snapchats of. That’s definitely somewhere I needed to be invited to, somewhere I could have drank too much, came on to the women too strongly, and spilled cranberry juice on the carpet, then tried to clean it by rubbing my shoe over it…I can see why I stopped getting invited to places now. Any ways, it’s a must watch. Directed by Denzel Lee of Deezy Yach Productions and Van Jamme himself!

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