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Murs presents “Mi Corazon”

It is about to get real serious here at Rosecrans Avenue right now. While I love my RJ & iAMSU party tracks, it’s also great to listen to artists that convey great messages in their music. LA based emcee and living legend Murs has always gained attention to spark a change with his music, especially on subjects nobody speaks on. When I was in high school (2009), he released a song called “D.S.W.G (Dark Skinned White Girls)” that helped comfort me as a biracial woman (my mom is white & my father is middle eastern), like many of the other women who listened to the track–realized that being mixed isn’t anything to be ashamed about. Well, fast forward to 2015-he touches the subject of interracial relationships again in “Mi Corazon“. This one touched me personally as I am a product of one. Murs falls in love with a Latina woman who’s family is disapproving of their love, touching on the constant racism & animosity between the Black & Latino communities. Both the song and the video are perfectly executed and go hand in hand with each other. Many people can relate to the subject matter of the song, so I’m glad someone came out and spoke on it. “I hope something positive comes out of it,” he explained. “The divide between the two colors isn’t gonna change because of a rap song.” Murs also states, “I try to fill that void; that’s why hip-hop exists, to make social change and to challenge people’s ideologies, stereotypes and ways of thinking.”
Watch the video below and watch Murs’ epic storytelling for yourself:

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