A$ton Matthews “Doe” ft Rizzo Prod FredoNem

A$ton Matthews “Doe” ft Rizzo Prod FredoNem

A$ton Matthews releases the very energetic getting money by any means anthem titled DOE featuring the incredibly animated Rizzo.

I’m going to play this religiously every other Thursday at midnight, and if my direct deposit is anymore than 3 minutes late my boss will receive a voicemail with my rendition of this song, “where’s my doe, where my doe, where’s my muthafuckin doe?! Also, if someone owes you some money, pull up on them banging this at max volume and watch your fetti fall in your hand quicker than Fetty Wap on a unicycle.

Chapoveli coming soon.

Rosecrans Vic

My Ambitionz az a Writer.

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