Warm Brew “Can I Get a Light” Prod Al B Smoov

Warm Brew “Can I Get a Light” Prod Al B Smoov

Warm Brew season is upon us once again! It was around this time last year when they began leaking the fire ass music that would wind up their Ghetto Beach Boyz album. They are now kicking off this November with the very dope “Can I Get a Light” produced by Al B Smoov.

It’s ironic that Brew chooses to drop in the fall and winter time, when they make the best modern music to play in the summer, but I guess it sounds that way because they spent their whole summer crafting this incredible brew. Nonetheless, if you live in southern California it’s pretty much always summer and you can enjoy this all year because it’s good music. We hope there is another album to be released soon!

Listen below!

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