Avenue Interviews Kev Decor by Vic Stunts

Avenue Interviews Kev Decor by Vic Stunts

When I first heard Kev Decor five months ago I was captivated by his talent instantly. I then searched him on Twitter, expecting him to have a huge following and be featured on all the blogs out there. However, to my surprise, he didn’t, he was featured on DJBooth’s Top Prospect list and did have a decent following, but I felt someone with his level of cultivated talent deserved more hype, more shine. He raps, sings, produces, engineers and directs his own videos, all at an incredibly high level. But being in this game for a short time, I’ve noticed, people don’t necessarily fuck with you until people fuck with you, then everyone fucks with you. This ridiculous catch-22 is very real though, look at fellow New Jersey native Fetty Wap, he has four single’s on the Billboard charts right now that were uploaded to his Soundcloud account more than a year ago. The same songs, went from obscure songs on an unknown artist’s page to Billboard hits.

Kev Decor’s quality of music rivals any artist you can name off the top of your head, due to the fact he has been seriously mastering his craft for about five years now, although only beginning to regularly release music last year. I was very intrigued by the mysterious Kev, questions like, “Why is he so good and no one I know has heard of him yet?“, and “How is he so far ahead of people with lesser catalogs of music?“, so I had to interview him and ask him myself. And to be honest I am really happy with the results, Kev and I spoke about how he started to create music, his thoughts on Fetty Wap’s run, his most recent project LV BN BRK, songs like All About The Weigh Up and much more, we had a live conversation. He is easily the most talented artist I have ever spoken on the phone with, and I once had a conversation with Mike Jones in 2005, 281-330-8004.

Listen to our exclusive Avenue Interview with Kev Decor below and become familiar with him before he wins his first Grammy.

Here is my personal favorite track from him.

Rosecrans Vic

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