Miguel ft Blu “U R On My Mind”

Miguel ft Blu “U R On My Mind”

Remember 1999? We were likely all wearing clothes that was 3 sizes too big, I know I was. Well what people were also doing in 1999 was making dope music, two of those people were a teenage version of Miguel and Blu. The two San Pedro-ites or Bridgetown brothers have been making music together since the last millennium?! That’s deep.

Fast-forward sixteen years and the two are still making music but now on huge scales and in gigantic arenas. Since Miguel just turned the big three-o just a few days ago, I guess he had a case of nostalgia and released this song from 1999 when he was just fourteen years old. That song is titled U R On My Mind featuring Blu and is surprisingly good. The track has Blu spitting magnificent bars but sounding a bit like Common, which was probably because he had found his own voice yet. This is a neat song to listen and to realize how far they’ve both come since then. I wish more artists would release early stuff!

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