The Game “The Documentary 2.5” Album Review

The Game “The Documentary 2.5” Album Review
The Game has officially released his second disc of his new album, christened The Documentary 2.5. This is a very unorthodox album roll-out for the Compton emcee, dropping a double disc two separate weeks in a row, essentially two completely different albums he could have spaced out over a few months. However, we’re pretty happy he didn’t wait long to give us The Documentary 2.5, because this shit is FLAME.
On the first track Game shares the infamous story of the incident that caused a falling out between him and 50 Cent with Sway (he had the questions, not the answers). The next two tracks Magnus Carlsen and Crenshaw/80s Cocaine had outstanding, musical contributions from Anderson .Paak, which had a 70’s and 80’s vibes. Then the much anticipated collaboration with TDE’s Jay Rock and Schoolboy Q “Gangbang Anyways” that definitely lived up to the hype, which also had an outro that told a brief history of the beginning of the Crips and Bloods in LA. The Ghetto in an incredible record with an outstanding verse from Nas and an exquisite hook from From Adam is my favorite record, because it takes me back to the Start From Scratch track on The Documentary 1, where he seemingly flows intoxicated and holding back tears reminiscing on homies,  loved ones lost and ponders on who shot him back in 2001. The next few songs are decent but don’t stand out much until we get to the grittiest street part of the album Quik’s Groove, Outside and the very catchy Ty Dolla $ign, YG and Problem assisted “Up On The Wall”. My Flag/Da Homies was so damn hard, from start to finish, Game did something he hasn’t done since 2006 on “The Cypher”, he brought all the up and coming LA street artists out here who today are Jay 305, AD, Mitch E Slick, Skeme, RJ and Joe Moses, which is followed by the intense Moment of Violence. The Documentary 2.5 is closed out perfectly by Like Father Like Son 2 and Life, then after the credits roll he treats us and by us, I mean the hispanic community, (which accounts for a significant percentage of his LA fanbase) with “El Chapo”, a trappy banger produced by Bangladesh and Skrillex.
It’s pretty hard to choose which disc I like better, because both give me different things. Disc one is pretty autobiographical, you get a sense of where he’s at in his life more, with songs like “Circles” and  “Dedicated” he speaks on his perils with his baby’s mother, it’s a bit more Jayceon, if you will. Disc two has more of “The Game” vibe, you get more descriptive, imaginative street records throughout, but you also get Jayceon on “Like Father Like Son 2“. The Documentary 2.5 is a really good, cohesive body of work and quality wise is nearly equal to disc one, with a bit more of a gritty, street feel. I felt like with disc two Game drove me through Compton, down Rosecrans, made a right on Bentral drove down the road some more and stopped right at the intersection of Must street and Listen avenue.
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